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Double-Layered Cloth Face Mask Pattern - JETMINMIN

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Our vendor in Japan JETMINMIN shares this cloth face mask pattern (two different sizes for kids and adults) with us, on how to use a sewing machine or hand sew your own face mask.

You can download the pattern and instructions (also shown below) here,

Here are the step by step instructions on how to sew together this double-layered COVID-19 face mask.

STEP 1- Trace the pattern on your favorite fabric, you need 4 of them

trace pattern on fabric

Step 2 - fold in edges as shown here

cut out fabric

STEP 3- Sew two pieces together by stitching the longer side sides. Now you have two pieces of each. Open them up as shown here.

sew them together

two pieces

STEP 4 - Now with the two pieces of fabric that already have been sewed, turn them inside out and sew both pairs by stitching together the other shorter sides.

open them up

sew the back of the masks

Step 5 - Now turn the mask inside out, and sew the longer sides together.

turn the mask inside out

STEP 6 - Insert strings on both sides of the mask.

insert straps

Voilà, homemade face mask! Stay Safe!


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