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Ying Zhan, founder of Petit Blue Goods, is excited to introduce a collection of environmentally-friendly tote bags from husband-and-wife team, Jetminmin, in Japan. This specially curated collection is available in the USA only through Petit Blue.

"JETMINMIN" is a made-to-order tote bag company founded by pattern designer MINMIN and craftsman JETTT. They started their small, special workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1994.

JETMINMIN had a vision to reinvent local textiles from Hamamatsu. They see their work as an intervention into used industrial materials. JETMINMIN transform used industrial materials into functional, everyday bags. They also reuse military supplies in an act of peaceful resistance and rediscover new uses for materials discarded due to environmental changes. 

Today, JETMINMIN bags are still individually handcrafted by just the two original artisans in their small village on Lake Hamana in Japan.