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Cloth Face Mask Pack - 5

Cloth Face Mask Pack - 5


Please pick 5 of the medium/large and/or small/kid-sized face masks during check out.  We will randomly pick 5 styles if you don't specify. Save $2 each if you buy a pack. Check out the styles of M/L and small/kid sizes. 

- cut from upcycled cotton fabric
- double layered
- comfortable and stretchy ear loops with stoppers that make elastics adjustable
- comes with additional elastics and connector
- pre-washed, ready to wear out of the package
- machine washable
- pattern provided by JETMINMIN 

Washing Instruction
- ideally, cloth face masks should be washed and cleaned after every usage
- for washing machines, masks can be washed together with your dirty clothes with hot water and a hot drying cycle. To prevent elastic ear loops from stretching out or damaging, use a laundry mesh bag
- for handwashing, masks can be washed by hand with soap and hot water and hung air dry. For best result, soak masks in a bleach solution (mixing four teaspoons of household bleach with one quart of room temperature water) for five minutes before washing